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Horse Behavior and Training

I've rescued two colt dartmoor hill ponies from slaughter, now ive got to get a halter on, HELP!

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Hi everyone

Let me briefly introduce myself then tell you about my problem. Ive always loved horses then 3 years ago i broke my back on my tb and gave im up to a friend when i lost confidence. Then I came to a horse charity, hoofbeats, took on a 22 year old mare, sassy who had severe ragwort poisoing, and savage mud fever that just would not clear up eventually after trying to hard she died when she got colic and her liver failed and she went blind, then i seemed to get more horses, Ive got 8 now! Ive got a 2 year old irish draft, wren, 2 gypsy cob colt boris and yoki, a 19 year old crillo gelding pablo, 1 american paint 8 month old fily and a 10 month old gypsy cob filly, clover.

Ive decided I want to be a horse trainer so I am working with them as they are all at different stages and thought this would be the best experience I could get.

Now I broke in boris with a halter very slowly we just sat in the stable until he was calm and simply put it on him now you can do anything with him, he is soooo chilled, thats him laying down in the field with me laying on him at 9 months old in my picture.

Now ive taken on these two dartmoor hill ponies to save them with the view to find a permanent loan loving home for them but first i need to halter break them, they are very shy and wont say hello.

I find it so hard approaching them quielty because i am so tall compared to them and I can tell that worries them, i could sit in the stable for ages and do it quietly but that way took weeks, unfortunately im over horsed and need to rehome them sooner rather then later. If needs be they can stay with me but I have got 8 now including them......

Any advice how to effectly halter break them in without causing them any stress or any problems for them

Any advice?


Amber x

Please upload your photo

hi,the friend i share a field with recently bought 2 dartmoor hill ponies.they were meant to have been driven but when we got them home they were as wild as wild!we couldn't get near them.we took a different pony with big issues to a monty roberts demo.he was chosen to do the private show with kelly was amazing..and we bought home a different seemed.we took what we learnt to the two dartmoors but they are quite a different kettle of fish!one of them we have backed ,the other we joined up with with little problem. but they are still very difficult to catch and don't respond to fussing in the field.we think they have very strong wild personalities and will take a long time to come round.keep we are!let us know how you get on. and we will share with you anything that may help with yours.

Amberpony - California, USA
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If you have a Round Pen that is Portable contect it to you Pony's Home Pen then you can send them into the Round Pen to do Join-Up. They will come around just watch the Lesson on Join-up and read the extended notes. When you watch the lesson atop it frequently to catch Monty's Sutle movements. That ought to get you on the Right Track.

You might also study carefully the Phobia Videos They show horses that are not interested in becoming friends. But They do come around to the Monty.