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Horse Care and Comfort

In the dog-horse house!


I don't know when I first started understanding animals but I think it was when I was a child living on a farm with no brothers or sisters. I had a 17 hand mare that I grew up with. When I came to see her after I was pregnant with my first child she got down on her knee by her self so I could get on her back. Too this day that memory stuns me. Since that time I didn't have horses for a few years. Now retired I inherited four horses. One of the mares was severely abused she has trust issues 12 years later. She's old now and a pasture pet. At present I have a problem with my stallion. Due to a health problem we didn't go on our daily walks or have our Daily grooming. I think it was the walks mostly because we use to walk a 1/2 mile up and back thru the woods to our mail box. When I attempted this after he wouldn't moved stomped his feet and literally pulled me back to his paddock, he's never done that before. I believe he had a temper tantrum.. He's fine now after he smelled my surgical site his attitude changed and he's back to being his sweet self. I believe.e I witnessed a temper tantrum .

Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi qdm,
You've had surgery and may be more vulnerable right now than you were before.
The stallion might have shown you he missed you and his personal attention.
He had to show you his disappointment: where have you been!?
After you'd showed the scar and let him smell the bandage you have around your freshly operated part, he understood and took his role as your protector (again?).
He just needed to express his feelings and maybe even his doubt: is it safe for you to take him on your usual walk?
Hope you're recovering well and will be able to take care of you horses like you used to do, it'll do you good (and them!).