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Horse Behavior and Training

Introducing a new horse to herd...

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Hi! Wife & I currently have an Andalusian and half thoroughbred/half warmblood just less than 16 hands and 16-2 hands, respectively. Both geldings.They are bonded with the thoroughbred being the alpha. Both are well tempered, easy horses. We're bringing in a 16-3 Fresian/Appaloosa. Gelding. He seems to be well mannered, not aggressive in his current surroundings but once he's here I'm sure he'll be nervous. Curious what you guys think would be the best way to introduce him to the others? We have a 4 stall barn. We've already decided to put the empty stall between the Fresian and the submissive Andi for a few nights. We have one turn-out area, one arena and one round pen. Just trying to make the situation as safe as possible. We understand they'll have to figure out the hierarchy on their own. Look forward to hear your suggestions. Thanks.
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Hi. Welcome to the Uni. The answer to your question is incrementally. First night your 2 then empty stall then new guy. Let them see & smell each other from a distance. Next day turn your 2 out & put new guy in round pen - loose. Then bring each of your guys individually over to the round pen on a loose long line. Stay out of the way - but there to intervene if necessary whilst these horses get a chance to say hi under safe circumstances. Clearly you & your wife are caring & responsible horse owners. If the introductions both go well you can progress to new guy & 1 original loose in the arena & if all is amicable there, x 2, then repeat in the turnout. Should there be a little friction at any stage just remove & once settled, repeat. Hope this helps. Cheers, Jo.