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My Join-Up® Experience

Ist Join up!


My stallion was gelded last month. I have resumed work with him. He has already started to calm down and today I decided to do some work with him in a small pen we have at the yard. I would have never got into the pen with him before. Within a couple of minutes he was following me round and at my side. I sent him away and he proceeded to walk,trot and canter on command as if on he lunge. He then came back to me and we continued to walk round, circles he would not leave me alone!my aim now is to carry on with Monty's way of handling horses and help my horse change from a rather nervous typical stallion to a happier calmer horse. The moment I realised we made 'join-up' was the most amazing time I have ever had in nearly 40 years involved with horses. I have now received my dually halter so there is no stopping us now! thank you

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WOW!!! Congratulations!!
It is a really great feeling when you have succeded with join up.