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My Join-Up® Experience

Join Up ?

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I have watched about 7 lessons now on join up. The last one indicated not to over do this exercise with your horse and that 4-6 sessions was the limit. My ? is: In what time frame for those 4-6 sessions. Monthly, yearly?????

Thank you.

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What I have noticed with my mares is that all you really need is just 4-6 sessions overall (they are both older horses) and once you have done that many with your horse(s) they understand what you're saying, and if you keep doing it, the horse will get board and eventually stop responding (I learned that the hard way)

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Thanks for the feedback :)

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I have tried Monty's 'join up' 3 times and each time have been able to see improve my technique by comparing what I did with what Monty does on his video. I have been able to get all signs BUT the 8 year old alpha mare is simply not doing the follow up though she is absolutely cooperative on the lead line and follows me around when not in the round pen without me holding on her lead line!!. I think that is her way of wanting to be obedient BUT still have it her way (if it makes any sense). I am okay with this arrangement because I think her 'past' is playing a role here and my feeling is that she will be an outstanding horse. As for the frequency, I see how after 3 times we both have gotten it and how anything over 6 maybe too much. At the last join up the initial circle was much smaller than the first time and her head going down happened within the first few seconds! I do our 'join up' every day that I see her as our initial routine before the Dually Halter training which btw she is absolutely GREAT at. She got it in less than a minute which was amazing. Hope sharing my experience is helpful to you Julie.

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Thanks for sharing your expereince. It really helps me to hear other peoples experiences. I am looking forward to trying the join up exercise soon. I am a first time horse owner with lots to learn. I had my first lunge lesson this morning with my horse and trainer. It went pretty well. I need to work on my hand positions and turns. My horse is better at it then I am.

Thanks again!

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well from my experience - my horse responds to the join up procedure very quickly in the round pen and I learned too that this procedure should not be used more than 6 or 7 times. What I have found now is that I need to use this procedure with my horse in the pasture whenever he does not respond to my cues to come to like a "mare" I send him away when he pays me no respect and when he does, I invite him in and he comes. It looks like I am loose longe lining in the pasture:) But, this does not happen often as my horse most always comes to me when he sees me....we are another example that what Monty teaches here works and I have never been to Flag is up Farms or to a clinic. I only learned from what I read from his books and saw in this university. And this is the science - because I am a non-partisan person who can replicate these lessons and get the same positive results. Thank you Monty. I am not afraid now to witness this philosophy in my local hunter/jumper crowd.

Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland
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I have a similar experience. I often use the "Join-Up" technique as a kind of long lining without lines in the round pen, sending the horse away with minimal pressure. I do not have the impression that the horses get bored.