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Horse Behavior and Training

Join-Up and A Stallion to Geld

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How Join-Up Kept Us Safe From Our Rescued 6 year old Stallion.

I just wanted to let everyone know. That Learning Monty's Join-Up Method kept us Safe while waiting to get Our Rescue Boy Gelded. I had to work him 3x a day while waiting for our appointment just to keep us all safe. Join-Up and Follow-Up Reminded Him Who Was Alpha. Mare Magic Helped to keep the Studdy Short Attention Span Down to a Medium Roar.

When someone tells you the 5-8 year old Stallion is only going to get worse. Call the Vet Now! Having him Healthy and touchable for the procedure is Very Important. But Having Your Stallion Challenge You Non-Horse Person Partner to a Dual is not worth it! Lucky for him he had been listening to what I had told him and made it out of The Corral with out an Incident. Spring Time, Partly Cloudy Warmer Days, Icey Wind Gusts, and an Unknown Horse History w/Abuse involved are a Very Dangerous Combination.

With the Gelding Procedure We got a day of rest while the Medication wore off. The Horse (Joey) Mind Quieted and he could focus. No More one minute he was an Angel and the Next He was Ruled by His Testicles! 5 days after the Procedure we were back to Basic Training and Joey Asking to Learn More & More! Much better them time spend reminding him not to Bite, Throw His Head, Strike etc etc.... Gone are His Directed At Us Stallion Behavior. Mind you he still has Stallion behavior for now, but keeps them for when he is in his corral, not when he is with us. He is still on Mare Magic and Will Be for a While. They say it will take 30 - 90 days for him to act like a Gelding and for the Learned Stallion Behaviors to Go Away.

I have Been a Horseman for over 30 years. I have been around Well Behaved Stallions and Knew I Never Wanted To Own One. Some Horses Need to be Gelded! Most People should not own a Stallion! If I had not been a Horseman and expected Nothing But Respectful Behavior since I got him in November & Secure Fencing, when Spring Hit it could Have Been Ugly! As it was By the time of the Procedure I was Exhausted and my Partner Slept for Two Days!

So if you want to Rescue a Stallion seek Professional Advice. Have someone else evaluate the Stallion. Remember if you Rescue with Your Heart without Thinking Through the Full Picture it could be You Who Needs The Rescuing. I had many Knowledgeable People Help me with this guy along the way. I Learned more About Stallions then I ever wanted to know. Spent Way More Money Then I Ever Had On A Rescue Horse not Counting the Gelding Costs. Would I do It Again. I don't know there is still more where this guy came from and the End Product is Tempting. But at this Time I am Liking the Idea Of Picking out a Very Well Put Together Mustang with a Kind Eye, From the Burns/Hines Oregon HMA Corrals and having a TIP Trainer Halter Break it for me. This way starting off with Less Stress and a horse without all the Mental Issues and No Abusive Gotta Get the Horse Saddle Broke Today Crap!.