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My Join-Up® Experience

Join up, With a Quad?


I have been watching Monty's videos for a long time and have used his join up principles and they have worked well. I have a 6 year old Quarter horse and he joined up with me on my Honda ATV in our horse arena. After his flight time I rode to the center of the arena and he followed me in right up to the Quad while it was running. I slowly drove away and he followed wherever I went. It was truly amazing. I should have video taped it.

renjaho - Hamburg, Germany
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Hi rfischer4651,
yes, it might seem amazing, but I don't think it is. When I joined up with the horse I'm working with, he lost his fear against me, because he accepted me as kind of a horse, the lead mare. I didn't have a Quad, but it seems to me as if the horse accepted you and the Quad in combination as the lead mare. Yes, I can only agree, you should have video taped it, it might have been very funny. But, a question: Does your Quarter Horse also follow you now when you work it without the Quad? Might be interesting to know for me.
Regards, Jasmin

onesmoothmister's Dad

Yes he does. I have only used the quad one time. He even comes to me when he is eating. He will stop eating and come to me and hang out.