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Horse Behavior and Training

Join Up With A Wild Horse


I volunteer for a rescue group in Virginia, USERL, and we have a group of wild mustangs. One of them, I have adopted because for some reason, she was attracted to me. She is no longer wild. I have done "Join Up" with her successfully, but all of this is having haltered her. Do any of you know if you can do join up (or how to do join up) with a wild horse that has not been haltered? I have Monty's dvd on "You and Your Wild Horse," but he halters him before attempting join up....can you use join up, and then become able to halter the horse? I ask because we are trying to gentle the remaining wild mustangs. Annie was so simple, but then again, she was young and curious. The older ones are hard. I'm afraid we are going to have to build one of Monty's "shoots" to get a halter on.

Vio Berlin
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Dear Vicki, first I must admit that I am jalous ! you have the possibility to work with wild Mustangs what a great opportunity to learn. I have been at Flag is Up Farms in June doing the advanced class. We have been working with starters and gentlers and most of the gentlers have been rescued Mustangs. They have teached me so much ! We put the first halter on in the chute as you have seen it in the video. There where horses among them who could not been haltert immediately even in the chute. And there have been some we even didn't do a Join-Up with but a lot of things like leading and even obstacles in the arena and loading ! The one the "owner" every student is during the course responsible for one gentler and for one starter) did a Join-Up with have been the ones which were easy like the mare you have adopted. Only after having been back home I was wondering why we didn't start off with them as we did with the starters doing a Join-Up. I guess it was for safety reaons. A wild Mustang in the round pen free running and never have been touched, let alone haltered is a dangerous animal. Believe me, they are quicker than a flash light and they can be more sensitive then any horse you have ever called sensitive. Approaching them with stiff movements holding your breath because you want to be "careful" tells them to get away from you as quick as they can. That can be just a jump but it also can be a big jump into the next closes barrier - no matter what it is. Follow the video an be safe. Take your time and train a lot with your mare. Let them do the talking and please keep us informed how it is going ! It is such an incredible experience to work with these horses. Take care, Vio Berlin


Hi, how did you get on with your wild horse. I have just got a 2 year old filly from a wild herd here in New Zealand. She is pretty nervous as you would expect. I'd be keen to learn from any mistakes or successes you have had. Regards Akona