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My Join-Up® Experience

Join Up With Father Daughter

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I have tow Morgan’s gelding 7 and a mare 3. It appears before the gelding was gelded he was bread to have this mare, which I believe is his daughter. They were rescued from a mud pit they were stuck in. I don’t have a lot of property and our gelding is very very dominant over the mare and she pretty much doesn’t move without his permission so to speak. I’ve tried join up with both in the round pen together, and with her alone in the pen, with the gelding, her father present and she just won’t do it. She is fearful of EVERYTHING and hard to get even close other than when she’s in her stall, with food of course, then she’s calm, halters up ect.  Any suggestions 
That’s two not tow, sorry
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Hi & welcome to the uni. Firstly, have you joined up successfully with Dad? If not but he's
moving around the pen perhaps you haven't perfected your body language or breathing control. Practice in front of a mirror & compare your technique with Monty's. If the filly, not officially a mare until age of 5, is resisting moving try plastic on a long, light pole. Start quite gently but if she fails to move go quite aggressively shaking the plastic - if you up the ante progressively you will desensitise her & you will want to do that later in her training. My Humphrey would only move when I took a plastic feed sack & cracked it like a pillow case being pegged on a washing line. Hope you find this helpful. Keep us advised on how you get on. Cheers, Jo.