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My Join-Up® Experience

Join Up, with young almost green arabarian horse


Hello, mister Monty, my name is Suzanne , and my dream to be with horse is living since one year. I have after searching a lot, found my favorite teacher. His name is Antonio Cantero, a Argentine man who is born on the horse, and knows perfect the language of horses, but also the body language of people.
I’m so lucky to found this wonderful horseman. This week he had an emergency situation, Antonio is in Florence, so the horses are a little bit under my wings as well.
Step by step, being almost on my own, I take with his permission , some initiatives for the well being of his horses.
His horses are all very young horses.

Yesterday, after brushing one off his tall jumping horses, I decided to bring her in the round pen, to move her, as she is not moving this day’s.
I started to join up as you teach on the university, and I was soooo happy that the horse connected to well. Isidoro, another horse lover man, who also knows about horses, was amazed about the result.
Hope, that’s the name of the horse, came in the round pen quit nervous, went after 20 min. out of the round pen complete relaxed … ( by feet we went eating grass ).

This morning Isidoro said, why don’t you try to do this work with the Arabian horse?
I started to brush the horse and he was already more agitated …not too much…a little.
Ones in the round pen I send him away, but after 1 min. he started to get quit agitated …kicking with the legs, a bit of jumping, and he tried to come also closer to me …making smaller the circle.
I stayed calm, but it was quit to be alert, I did not want that he could hurt himself, by doing strange things.
I tried again, and he started to make turns by himself…. He should not do…I should not allow……but so easy to say..hahah.
I needed to calm him down, so I did …. Isidoro, thought it was better not to go on…. I felt a bit sorry, because it was like I did not gain any result.
I told him to come in the round pen, I went outside, and told him..why do you not try…?.
So the horse started again…. Calmer….but still agitated.
After 2 min max. we decided enough …I told him to stand still…and yes..there was the horse…coming to him …saying Hello Friend!!!!

My question now is that tomorrow I wish to try again, but how can I gain a relax trot …. A relax circle?
It has to be said that the horse has been less moved this days…so lots of energy inside.. also this horse is very young…almost green.
What do I need to do with my body language to balance the energy of the horse?
I thing I was to energetic to send him away…is that possible…?
Please tell me…I wish so much to have it better done tomorrow.

Greetings from Tuscany,
Suzanne Simons.