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Just Curious...

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Hi. I'm just curious to know why the black horse in the "Catching Your Horse in the Pasture" videos has rubber rings around her feet. Are they like bell boots? And also out of curiosity, I read one of Monty's Q&A Answers about putting a ring around your horse's feet to discourage them from kicking... Sounds interesting I would love to learn more.

Maya Horsey ~ Certified Instructor USA
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Dear Ange

The horse in the session catching your horse was wearing rubber bell boots - they are turned upside down as she lies down alot in the pasture/sand catch pen, so she wears then to stop her from getting rubs on the front of her fetlocks. She is a much older retired dressage horse and enjoying her time out in pasture with her friends!
If you are interested in learning more about kicking rings i woudl have a look at the section written about them in "From My Hands to Yours" 2nd edition page171
Enjoy learning
MRILC/Flag is Up Farms

Hello! 100 lessons completed

Thanks for that Maya! I'm on my way to read it now! :-)