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Horse Care and Comfort



Hello everyone,

I have two Pinto horses and for me they are my two children, Diego & Rumble I bought them from baby on and I grow with them. I have a great relationship and this year we begin to do some work and training. Diego is a born worker, he loves to exercise, while Rumbe, is quite a loner and the rod does not like very much to go, I seem to me that he have a little fear of the rope, but I'll take plenty of time to give him confidence. I play so much with my horses, football or we chase, also likes to play hide and seek. We are a very united soul. It is a great creature and I thank god that horses exist. :-) Thank you Monty for your wonderful Equus Online University, I would love to become a teacher for others, expecially for horses with people problem. Big hug Jamira


my name is julia, I have a rescued horse who had a bad time with someone in the past. I fell in love with him on sight, the rescue center has done good work with him, but he is still a little headshy. I am just going for walks with him on a lead rope and grooming him. I want his complete trust before I even think of riding him. Isn't a privilige to have this love for such a noble animal? To learn Montys methods is wonderful, I want to 'talk horse' very much and am learning as much as I can.


Hello Jamira and Julia....It is great having a horse after wanting one maybe for your whole life, isn´t it? My husband gave me Willow a year ago this Christmas for my 54th birthday no less! A friend had suggested an older, already well trained horse but I had my doubts. As I have only had three months of riding lessons in all my life I felt it would be better if I had a foal or filly to grow with me, that way both of us would be ignorant! So, when we came to live in a beautiful isolated spot of Cantabria, in the north of Spain, in a house with some land, it was only a matter of time-economy and chance. A local had a very gentle, what I call, mountain horse which had had a very nice filly in June and Lorenzo got her for me.The day she arrived I was just as a little girl, all teary-eyed with thrill at the idea of having my very own horse. If my mom could have seen me! (she used to ride before I was born and always loved horses.) That very first night, when I took Willow her feed in a big bowl, I crouched by the door and extended the bowl to her. She came closer and closer as I drew the bowl back towards me, until our heads touched.... Only those who have wished for this to happen for so long understand what it meant. It was the beginning of putting into practice what I had already read of Monty´s writings.
Right now I have all her trust and love and I´m waiting for school to finish (I´m and English teacher)so that I can try Join-Up and everything else I am learning on this course that a very nice and generous person invited me to.
It is such fun to watch Willow grow and she makes us all laugh with her energy and joy. Running around and bucking and kicking and rolling after two days of confinement for bad weather!
Sometimes I wonder what I have got myself into but I do see myself riding her, bareback at first, around her field, and maybe then up the mountain....