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My Join-Up® Experience

Katinka went away - far away...

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Hi everybody, this is the story about my very first Join-Up (attempt) about 10 years ago. I just had bought Monty's first book and I was determined to try out what I had read with a polish pinto mare who I cared for these days. I didn't have a round pen, just a very small riding area outside which was sourrounded by little hills of sand on two long sides and on one short side and on the other short side there was just a rope which we hang in to a pole to close the place when riding. Well I led her to the center of the riding area and thought to myself:"Monty said: send the horse away" so I made some wild gustures and of she was in a wild gallop - over the rope and in the fields - gone ... I was standing there very astonished about that it worked and also about the fact that she did not go away a little but a lot ! She was very frightened outside the stable anyway so it was not a wonder that she responded that way. I always laugh so much when I think about that day and I would have loved to see my own face. Katinka's owner was an original horseman from Romania. To them he said horses are animals you use and he found it very funny that one day Katinka when she saw him approaching her with the saddle in his hand ran into the trailer to save herself. He also told me the story that ones he ran after Katinka for about an hour or so to catch her and she always ran away. When he was tired to try, he said, he just turned and walked away and "can you beleive that, she followed me!" He laughed like hell because he just thought that this is really a silly horse to do that. I explained it to him and he listened but I think he didn't really want to see it my way. Well, one day a farmer came by who was looking for "a colored horse" as a birthday present for his wife. They shook hands and sold she was. It broke my heart at this time. I will never forget her as she really tried to trust me although she was oftentimes so scared on a trail and I was very unexperienced. I do hope, she has had a great live. I am looking forward to your first Join-Up story, have fun, Vio Berlin