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Horse Care and Comfort



Hey need some good advise. My horse has been out of work for 5 weeks as he jumped a 5bar gate (impressive i know lol!) and hurt his back muscle. He lives out all year and is in a field on his own at the mo. What can do i do to keep him interested (not bored ect) and also to gradually bring him back to work? he can get quite hyper being an xracehorse :)

Kicki -- Sweden
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There is lots of work you can do in hand.
Just walking him over poles laid out in different figures; a fan, the L, the regular "III",or /\/\ - anything as long as it fits his step, is good exercise for his back muscles. You can move straight and work up to moving side-wise across. Rise one or both ends a bit etc.
You can also walk him in the forest - if you have one - to make him move over uneven ground - and will create a nice change in surroundings for him. Long-lining uphill is also good for back problems and great exercise for both horse and rider. ;)

If he is bored in the field, try filling one of those "horse-balls" with holes in them with some pellets, so that when he plays with it, food will trickle out and keep him occupied. Another horse-friend would be best, but I can see how that isn't always possible.

Good luck!


Maybe just try and spend as much time as possible(you probably do anyway) grooming him,rubbing him,walking him around,telling him things(its NOT stupid to tell them things!) ect.


thanks masive help have been walking him in forest trails and he is well on way to recovery :)