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Laze horse as a result of

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Hi! Here in Sweden many of the horses at riding schools are insensible for the riders legs, as a result of beeing ride by many beginners. Maybe you can have a lession on have to get them more sensetive for your helps?

vicci - UK (North Wales)
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Yes, we have the same problem here, riding school horses "dead to the legs" from endless years of chldren kicking them continuously in walking rythm while an "instructor" shouts "Kick him on" - very sad. The concepr of children and traditional riding schools is a whole area that really needs looking at (1) what is the first item of kit kids get? A whip. (2) Do they learn horse psychology/ground work? No. (3) Are they plonked on ponies and sent round in endless circles with an instructor shouting jargon words that chidren can only guess at? Yes. (4) Have the ponies usually either switched off or developed coping mechanisms that are sometimes unsafe? Yes. It needs to change. Then we won't have ponies who are dead to the leg, children who learn to hit horses before they have even begun to understand a horse and instructors who think that yelling the same instructions louder and louder will somehow lead to understanding! Now before anyone shouts at me (hahahah) I know not all riding schools and instructors are like this but in Britain, this is a BIG part of horse culture.

The Lost Soul (Northeastern Wisconsin, USA)
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Not only riding schools, but I have noticed over here in the U.S. (especially the Midwest, Wisconsin/Michigan area) that the same or worse applies to stables that act as tourist destinations where you are dropping people that have (if you are lucky) only seen a horse in movies on horses and riding them for sometimes hours at a time. At least I have not yet seen them issue whips or crops with the riding helmets...