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Horse Behavior and Training

mare won't pick up feet

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I am currently training a 11 year old brood mare that has had little human interaction. She is doing very well and accepting more everyday. She accepts being touched and handled all over her body, down the pastern on all 4 feet. But she won't budge when asked to pick her feet up. If anyone has some non-aggressive and pain free suggestions, will you please share your ideas? Thank you.

Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland
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Maybe she does not understand what you want from her. She will take the weight from the foot if you manage to disturb her equilibrium: pushing her to the other side, or let another person pull her head to the other side to ask for a step to the other side. Then it should be possible to take her foot for a moment, followed by a great PIC. You should be the one who decides when to put the leg back.

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed

ty Rudy. I had tried pushing on her shoulder, she would shift her weight but still wouldn't pick up. I followed your advise using another person and she is now doing well. She will have her hooves trimmed for the first time, I think she will do well.