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Horse Care and Comfort

Monty's horses shiny

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Just noticing in all the lesson videos Monty's horses have this beautiful shiny healthy coat, mane, and tail and wanted to know if it is a certain wash or feed??

Please upload your photo

Probably just happy, healthy, well cared for and groomed!

The Lost Soul (Northeastern Wisconsin, USA)
Hello! 100 lessons completed

My 12 year old gelding (Beamer) is on pasture year round, and is never bathed (unless you count standing in the rain or snow) and only brushed occasionally, and his coat during summer looks just as glossy as any of Monty's horses that I have seen in the videos. In the winter it's a little less glossy because he grows a rather thick winter coat.

Maya Horsey ~ Certified Instructor USA
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with regards to the horses in some of the video sessions - you need to remember we are in California and we are sunny and warm for most of the year. The temperatures do drop over the winter months and our horses that live out in pasture are looking hairy and rugged at the moment. Some of the horses that you see in the videos are kept in stalls and are blanketed/rugged at night, therefore their coats stay pretty slick and fine haired. Especially if they are showing or competing they are washed and bathed and kept clean and tidy. And many of our sessions are filmed in advance or a few months prior to you seeing them on the uni sessions. Many of our horses are on a supplement called "Platinum Performance" and this helps with coat condition, and all horses are brushed and groomed daily before and after riding. to help with health and good circulation.

Hopefully this helps you with your initial question.


Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed

Thank you Maya that does help! Appreciate the answer! The main reason I was wondering is I was wanting to get that coat for my own boy haha, I'm in Idaho and needless to say we have some cold winters and it seems no matter how much I brush my boy he still stays pretty dull in the coat during winter but gets a beautiful shine during spring/summer so I was wondering if there was something I could do for him during winter like a supplement?