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Motny Roberts and the wild Mustang mare

Hello! 100 lessons completed

Everybody check this video out. It is part two of episode one.
Here is the link.

A really neat, scary, awesome and unbelievable story that Monty Roberts went through.

Thought other people would like to see this.

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Hi Stephen,
First I want to thank you for giving us this site, it is wonderful. Monty tells us about this experience in one of his books, Horse sence for people.
Now I'm about to tell you all a story that happened to me a few times now with MY STAR MAJESTIC, my mare.
The latest is when I went outside to get her ready for the day, last week. It was very icy and I fell, straight down. I lay there for a moment to deal with the pain and STAR was going crazy, snorting and pacing back and forth along her fencing in her small paddock, trying to get to me.
I finally got up and walk slowly to her and she grabed my wool coat to pull me to her, she did this several times and then started licking me.
I was crying from the pain but also from her display of protectiveness of me.
This is not the first time she has done this with me. I fell in her large pasture and she came to me and stood right beside me, again grabing my clothing to try to pick me up.
Another time I feel to the floor in her stable, having a seizure and she stood over me.
Yet another time I fell in her round pen and again she stood over me, as if to say, no one come near her.
This makes me very emotional, I have never had anyone or anything care so much for me.
Now you see why I love My Star so much.

Hello! 100 lessons completed

Ronda I cannot take credit for getting this link. I posted another post about join-up and starting horses. A lady responded with this link so I thought I would share it with all. There are a lot of neat videos on their.


MaggieF, Melbourne - Australia
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What an incredible story, Ronda and what a special horse your Star is. You are a pretty amazing person with so much courage. I am so pleased you and Star have each others company and love to share. Do take care.

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed

We girls do tend to take care of are loved ones. That is why the lead mare always moves the herd. I got to see the videos with a link on the newsletter. I was thrilled to see the mustang mare story on video. I had read about it and heard him tell the story, but I always wanted a visual of her. I learn better visually. I hope we get to see the Rosie the mustang videos. She was amazing and very beautiful. Monty says the degree of difficulty or the order that horses do Join-Up 1, geldings 2, stallions 3, mares. mmmmmm! Don't mess with mama.

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Thank you guys,
Lately it has been incredably hard to come on the forum. My sister finally succumbed to her cancer and I miss her very much.
It was long and painful and because of this it is hard for me to be cheerful and happy all the time.
Star is a great comfort to me and seems to sence when I need that little extra something.
Yesterday it was pretty warm here and we just spent time together, walking around, I felt better just being with her.
I was told by a suppose to be "expert" horse person that STAR is an Arabian but from what I have seen, in pictures and videos (only) she looks more like a Mustang to me, heinz57, which is just fine by me.
Maybe that is why she is so wild, suits me fine, right now I feel wild. Mind all over the place, don't know if I'm coming or going or if I am up or down.
It seems that even if my husband comes around Star and I, right now, she snorts and stands between us. I didn't understand her bahaviour, she has always been nice to him???
When he goes out on his own, to muck her stall ar feed her for me she is fine but when I come she comes right to me.
Maybe she sences I need a little something. I'm not sure she has always been a strange little thing, but I love her.
Anyways, thank you guys.
Be safe, Ronda

phantommustang1 Walsenburg, Colorado, USA
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Majestic, I am so sorry about your sister. As for Star, well, I have had mares that were very protective of me too, also my stallion. The first horse I ever broke, the "unridable, only good for a broodmare one") stood over me the first time she bucked me off, I hit hard and just laid there for a fer minutes, and she stood over me until I got hold of her leg and pulled myself up. I had only been riding her for a week. It wasnt her fault, it was windy and a piece of paper blew right into her face. Then an adopted mustang mare I had only had for a couple weeks stood as close to me as her corral would allow one night when I stayed out to chase off the racoons that were stealing my ducks, I rolled out my sleeping bag right by her corral and she stood guard over me all night. But I still couldnt touch her. And my mustang stallion, who used to hide behind me when strangers came when he was a colt, suddenly started getting between me and strangers when he was about a year old. It has always made me feel humble when a horse does that. They realy make a person feel special, dont they? I guess because THEY are special!
The guy my husband got his horse from has another he would never part with, he has diabetes and was riding one day when he pased out and his horse stood over him waving his hat so get attention. I assume it was Kyles hat, not the horses. If you take care of them, they will take care of you. And I swear they are psycic, they always know when you need them.