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My 1 year and 9 month old mare does not respect other people

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HI, First of thank you for all your teaching and the dually, amazing tool. My question is how do I get my high ranked youngster to respect other people who are insecure. She is in general not afraid of most things example startet testing with at tart, shaked it and so on, her answer was to pick it up and shake it too.
She is great with me or anybody who is not insecure. Backs up, leads well, is in general polite, good with the vet and the farrier, (she is a youngster so of course we have days with some trouble, ). But if somebody who has a bit of fear in them tries to lead, rub or well anything with her she will threaten them, ears back, small rear, threatning... So far nothing has happend but she is mean looking, she stops immediately when I correct her, giving space and looking like an angel, my fear of course is what if, and I am not there? I got her when she was 8 months, she has become better but, well it is a problem. Waiting in antisipation. Ellen Bauer Norway
Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi Ellen,
Until now nobody answered your question, sorry for that!
Let me try to help you in your solution-finding-process...
The key in my opinion is education, those who think they can interact with your young mare need to learn how to handle her. Since you are a member of this Uni, why don't you invite them to come and watch some lessons with you, for example "Join-Up for Teens".
Like one would not want a young child being spoiled by wellmeaning, but not-adequate people, you don't want your young mare to decide she needs to take the lead in a situation with people. This is a natural reaction, somebody needs to be the leader. If the human doesn't do it, she is instinctively taking that role. So you can't blame her. A horse without a social structure where it feels secure, must take the lead. This is in their nature.
The horse is yours, so it's up to you to decide who should and who should not handle her.
I hope this helps, please keep us posted,
A Young horse will try people and other horses out. They play and they want to know where you are in the pecking order. 

You have to teach the People, not the horse. I have a dartmoor pony that is very dominant, and he can not be trained by People that are insecure or all over the Place because it can be Dangerous. To anyone that are being confident, or shows that they are ready to take action (even if they are a bit insecure), he would listen to and be the sweetest pony ever.  As long as he trust you and feels secure, he would do anything for you. 

You can be insecure on the inside, but needs to be a confident leader on the outside when dealing With Young horses or any horse that want to find out where you are in their hierarchy. 

I love to teach insecure People, because there are often just small changes and understanding that needs to be there for them to change how the horse look at them.

Teach the People, and the problem will be solved ;) Good Luck!
By the way, I am from Norway too, Ellen :) Check me up on my personal profile on Facebook - Carol Trengereid - if you want to or send me an PM there! :) 
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Hi Ellen & welcome to the Uni. I'm so pleased you are enjoying the 'Monty learning experience'. I completely agree that you need to work on these insecure people, rather than trying to get your youngster to deal with them. Your youngster has invested trust in you - she behaves well for you & it seems is willing to transfer that to other people, unless the people are unsure of themselves in her presence. Being young & inexperienced she needs & deserves consistent, fair & progressive handling so her education continues in a consistent way. Allowing inexperienced, nervous people to take charge of her is unfair, both to her & to them. If she were to react unexpectedly & someone was injured, chances are she would be blamed. If she were injured then you would have an avoidable vets bill &, worst case scenario, her athletic ability might be compromised. Please help your friends to become more confident around horses but use an older, experienced horse to build their confidence, in the knowledge that when they make errors these will not be potentially life changing. You seem to have set your filly on the right road & one day she will probably be the sort of reliable partner to help nervous, disadvantaged or disabled people. However, give her the chance to realise that potential by giving her an education based on rock solid, trustworthy handling & an unflinching trust that the human is a worthy leader. Once that is fully in place, when she has a few years of experience under her belt, you will have an awesome mare on your hands. Good luck & please stay in touch. Cheers, Jo.
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Hi Ellen, glad you are here learning with us! Miriam, Carol and Jo are wise In counsel, thank you. Please share the lessons on the ground manners and Dually halter training with whomever might be handling her. 

Either you can pass along a DAYPASS access and walk them through It on their phone, or consider a gift of a subscription. If they are more comfortable with books, Monty's textbook From My Hands to Yours is ideal.  

Let us know how It goes :)