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Horse Behavior and Training

My 1st horse

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I was just given my first horse. He is a 14 year old Quarter gelding. A beautiful horse and I feel so blessed to have him.
My problem is I have no experience in horsemanship. I have ridden horses before and was around them when I was a kid but I am a bit nervous now getting him to know me. The big problem is that he is stalled because he is recovering from an abscess. The vet says keep him that way for three months.
How can I join up with him in this condition? I can't make him move quickly as it will hurt him. I have only had him for 3 days but he lets me touch his face and neck but he is still very leery of me. What work can I do with him to show him my confidence. I want to say that I am scared but that is not true, just apprehensive. He is in a 15x15 square stall that I built for him. Should I always put the lead rope on him when I try to work with him? I also need to clean his hoofs daily and I am not sure how we are going to do that if he is so leery of me.HELP....
Thanks, any help and encouragement i appreciated.

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If I understand Join-up correctly, you cannot join-up with him until he is physically fit.Take your time, go slow. If he is stall-bound for 3 months that means you have three months to take lessons and renew your horse skills with a physically fit, safe, horse, and a good trainer. Don't put pressure on yourself or him.
Good luck sounds like a great journey has begun.

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Great news! I figured we needed to get to know each other better so I have just spent a lot of time with him. He lets me touch him just about all over. Still working on lifting his legs so I can clean his hoofs but he is getting used to it.
He will follow me without the lead. We just walk in a small figure eight for just a few minutes at a time. He is so sweet and gentle. I have him very close to my house so he see's me every time I go in or out of the house. He is so very interested in me and that just blows my mind.
I used Monty's method of inviting him to follow and it worked! Of course I am not surprised.
Yes indeed a great journey has begun. I am so happy and I think he is too.
Thank you for the feed back!


I am really pleased for you that you are now getting to know eachother better! I too got my first horse recently and we have a great bond now after just 4 months. It just takes time and patience and in a way it is a positive that he has to be kept in his stall for a while, as he will very soon learn to trust and depend on you. Its just magic isn't it? Sounds to me like you have already joined up together! Good luck and I wish you both lots of happy years ahead!

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Thank you so much Rachael.