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My Join-Up® Experience

my first ever join up


My rescue horse and I did join up today. My first ever! I have watched montys video over and over and over, I decided to have an approved person watch me, and could not believe it when my beautiful boy decided after two laps to follow me everywhere like a lamb. He just did not want to go away from me, I cried. What a love, the lady watching me thought he had already joined with me and would stay with me no matter what, he trusted me. I think that is such an honour my love and respect for this boy knows no bounds. I learned more about him today than I could have ever done in years. Thanks to Monty, his methods and training of others has really enhanced the horse world no end, for which I am so very grateful for the rest of my and my horses life.


Hey, well done you. I cried too and even have it on video!! Its a very emotional experience and its nice to know that you have set you boy off on the road of partnership, understanding and mutual respect.


Wow! You make me want to go out right away and do join up.I wish I had a horse to do join up with!


Same here: my first join up ended in tears of excitement and emotions and my lovely horse came over to check out what could possibly be wrong. He'd did his very best!
Turned out I had to do some work on MYSELF first and now find that I'm better in working with horses and at the same time, myself.



Congratulations! It is the most amazing thing, isn't it, to bond that way with another creature, and earn that trust.


Many thanks to you all for sharing such an emotional experience. I realise how lucky I am I pray Roisin gets this opportunity very soon. I am well and truly lucky with the cats and dogs who have owned me, having unspoken bonds, but with Pilgrim it was a first ever with a horse. Nothing on this earth gives me greater pleasure than animals, it is an honour and a privilige to acheive this with Pil my best boy ever.