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My Join-Up® Experience

My First Join-Up ever

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Well I have to say I was pretty nervous I haven't worked with my horse Scout in a month or so and decided to start back up with a join-up and what was funny is the only thing that didn't go perfectly was the "Go Away A Lot" part haha, when I snapped my eyes on to his eyes he just kind of moseyed on leisurely haha until I threw the line behind him then he got going haha. He loped the round pin right (5) then left (5), I had my hand up and open throwing the line every once in awhile to keep pace and changed back to original direction all I did was slow my pace a lil and closed my hand and he immediately changed to a slow trot and smaller circle ear locked on me and licking and chewing, then as soon as I dropped my hand down to my midsection he dropped his head twice and then stopped and turned towards me almost right at 12 o'clock so I turned and he came right up to me it was almost so perfect I felt like I had done it with him a thousand times. Thank you Monty because I have to say I felt the connection and it was so strong it even made me tear up a lil. The follow up was really great to he even followed me in some pretty small circles and I loved turning and giving him a good rub and how calm he was. It was different for us (Scout and I) because I do believe before I got him he was handled roughly so working with him was a challenge because he would get all excitable and think I was getting after him when I was just standing there sometimes and it took awhile to get him to trust I wasn't getting after him and then when I went a month without seeing him he seemed to lose a little of that trust and the join up seemed to bring it straight back! So THANK YOU THANK YOU MONTY I only wish I would found your online university sooner because I truly believe I would've been a lot further with Scout than I am now but now I can be confident that our relationship is going to sky rocket from here!!

mustang.girl - Croatia
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Hello :)) you did a great job! That horse really trusts you! Keep going! I remember my first join up - the horse had "you finay got it right" face and I was thrilled, almoust cried... Such a good feeling!
Best wishes, stay safe!

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed

Thank you mustang.girl I really appreciate it! It's funny what you said about the "you finally got it right" face haha Scout kind of had a "Hey! your talking my language! this is new! I like it!" face that I have never seen before and I have been working with him since Jun 2012 haha. Thank you again for the encouragement!! I just love Monty's way of teaching he really puts it in perspective and kind of makes it easier for me to learn!