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My Join-Up® Experience

Naughty Nulla

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed
I recently had an agistment pony come to the farm. I was away so said to put in a small paddock and I’ll move him later. It toook me 3 days to catch him as he just ran around and around flat out. I tried join up but no way!! I watched Monty’s how to catch in the field and used these strategies over the 2 days. Day 3 I tried join up. He ran around then showed a couple of signs. I thought Monty would want all signs so I kept going. He then turned in and I thought Monty wouldn’t like that but I’m going to try. I turned away and he practically RAN up behind me! It wasn’t until I rubbed his forelock that he licked and chewed. I enjoyed the moment and thought as soon as he sees the halter, he will run. Nope, he was happy to be caught. It still amazes me ❤️
Debbie Roberts Loucks, USA
Hello! 2014 Cyberhunt winner 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed 300 lessons completed 350 lessons completed 400 lessons completed 450 lessons completed 500 lessons completed 550 lessons completed 600 lessons completed 650 lessons completed
Way cool feeling! Well done and I will share with Monty ❤️