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My Join-Up® Experience

No Join Up


HELP! I have an unhandled brumby that I am attempting to do join up with for obvious reasons. I have watched Monty's lessons on join up several times and have tried it with my pony three times now and still no luck. I know Monty says that you should not do join up more than three or four times with the same horse, hence my dilema. When I do Join up I get the 4 signs and my pony will even try to turn into me early and I have to keep her moving, but then when I walk across the front of her path and turn on the 45 degree angle she will only turn and face me, she wont join up. I have tried going back and forth from each side and asking her again but still no luck. I don't want to over do the join up with her. In the last few minutes with her today after just standing with her and scratching her over with a carrot stick I did get her turning her hind quarters around so she was facing me as I went to the side of her, but not sure if this is progress or her just making sure she could see what I was doing.I know Monty says the problem is usually always with the trainer which is fine but I have gone back to the lessons again particularly the one on my horse wont join up but am not sure what to do differently. Not sure on how much you can do join up with a totally unhandled horse as apposed to one thats had a lot. Please tell me your thoughts, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland
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There are easy horses fore Join-Up and difficult ones. You cannot expect that everything will be fine with your first experiment of Join-Up. You should try to take experience with other horses or even better get trained by somebody with experience. Watching Monty's videos you see the world expert where even difficult things seem to be easy.


Thanks for your feedback Rudi, unfortunately I don't have access to any other horses to try this on except my own, but he is no help to me in this instance as he comes running to me when I go to get him from his paddock, therefore there is no need for join up.

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As Rudi points out,we mere humans can't always expect a perfect join up, even after a bit of experience. Horses are amazingly aware of tiny visual cues we give them, even when we don't mean to and they sense our emotions. I keep reading my Monty books again and thinking about the basic concepts of join up and follow up. I try to improve my reading of each horse. I suggest you do some more of this. I suggest that you give this Brumby a day or two to soak up what she has experienced in that join-up before trying once more and this time work on yourself as hard as on her. Check your breathing and keep your emotions as quiet as you can. If your little horse is a bit sceptical just put that down to her self preservation instincts, encourage the join up by going half way, no harm in that and then see if you can get follow up. You can even put a hand gently on the halter for a moment to encourage it. I saw Monty do this with a reluctant follower the other night at a demo. Best of luck and let us know how it goes.