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Preparing for Join Up or other lessons in a ring

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Dear Mr Roberts, 

I had a great time last year with Chris Morris in England with some one to one time learning how to train horses (I'd never worked with horses before). 

Since coming home (to Scotland), I've been able to work with some horses near me. One challenge I've found is how to get them 'ready' for a lesson. My big friend 'Sid' the Cob, I found, liked to blow off some steam before being the most obliging horse to work with. Other horses are similar and it made me realise that in all the 225+ videos I've watched thus far, none focus on 'pre-session warm up'. What happens BEFORE you are at an event or before you bring a horse into the round pen at Flag?

I'd like to suggest such a session - to discuss how to setup your sessions for success., Should I led them round the ring both ways? Get them up to a trot to loosen off? Should I let them loose and simply move them around? Given that Join Up can see them up to a canter, I feel this valuable piece of training for me is missing and I think would be really useful. At the moment I guess and it seems to work, but I like to be more structured and who better to show us?

Best wishes, Jamie  
Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed
My assumption is that this function of the website is not monitored - this is a real shame. 
Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi Jamie,

Sometimes yes, questions like the one you sent in May 2023, just slip through...
Sorry if you felt not seen!
If anything, you can always ask direct questions clicking the SUPPORT button, this takes you immediately to the team.
I'm sure you could come back with any question to Chris Morris, anyway.
Now to your question, it's never bad to do some warming up, even before bringing a horse into the roundpen for assessment. You could also just let the horse explore the roundpen on its own, or in any field where it's safe, to blow off some steam.
It's never meant to exhaust the horse during Join-Up, the whole procedure should never become a routine or boring to either of you. Some horses tend to be very 'fresh' when starting to work, use your own judgement which horse needs a little pre-work.
You want the horse to express itself in Join-Up (since it is a comunication!), but it's only fair to warm up, before asking more.
Kind regards,