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My Join-Up® Experience

Problem after Join Up


I am able to join up with my Haflinger he stands, licks and chews and follows me. The problem is that he really crowds when following me to the point he feels like he is going to run me over. I turn around and back him up and he acts confused whether to follow or not. What do I do?

MaggieF, Melbourne - Australia
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Have you got a dually halter on him while he is doing join up? if so I would suggest that you allow him to come up to you and join up and give him a good rub etc and then if you want follow up I would give him a little correction with the dually every time he comes in too close - just back him up a step or so with the dually and then continue to walk away from him. Remember Monty tells us that we shouldn't try join up with the same horse too often - it sounds as if your fellow maybe getting a bit over familiar with it. When leading him with the dually also make sure he is respectful and walks with his head at your shoulder (the sweet spot)but not too close. If he does tend to crowd you then walk him with a straight arm holding him fairly close to the correction ring and as soon as he crowds give him a correction and continue to walk on.


Thanks, I have not been leaving a halter on him for Join Up. I'll try it. He just turned 13 and wasn't gelded until 10-11 yrs old. He likes to be in charge. Once groundwork or riding begins he settles down.