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Horse Care and Comfort

Problem from use of Cavallo Pad

Hello! 100 lessons completed

Just wanted to keep you all up to date with progress since Leggs started using her new Performance Enhanced Cavallo pad. She's now been using it since 9th February and I have to say that I do believe she is finding it much more comfortable and it definitely clears the area around her loins where her traditional saddle pad was rubbing.
But three days ago I noticed a new problem. Whilst grooming and checking her back I noticed one, well two small round bumps about the size of the vent holes. One on each side of her back around the middle of where the saddle sits. We rode out on a 12 mile hack and checked again on return. Leggs had a good ride at all speeds and wet under saddle pad on return but the spots were just the same. The following day there were a couple more so we schooled for an hour and didn't break a sweat. Again though there were a few more spots. Yesterday I gave her a day off hoping the the spots would go down and disappear. But unfortunately they seem to be much the same.
Has anyone else had this problem?? I wondered if it was caused by pressure around the vent holes? Or maybe a heat rash? Or maybe an allergic reaction to the merino wool liner? But then again she's always had wool based pads on her back.
Does anyone have any ideas of what is causing this? The only thing I can thing to do is to buy a sheepskin liner to go under the Cavallo pad - does anyone know any thin sensibly priced western ones available in the UK? Or any other ideas please.
Happy trail riding
Liz n Leggs

Welshie owner


I bought an English Cavallo pad, the most slimline option, however compared to other woolnumnahs/ poly pads the girth cannot be tightened up on the usual holes, due to this extra thickness. My horse appears happy enough in either pad, I am waiting for my saddler to visit to offer his opinion in case the fit of the saddle has been compromised by the Cavallo pads thickness. After riding there are clear visible vent hole marks on his back, but certainly not bumps. I have noticed however the hair under the rim of the pad; under the cantle, back of saddle, is scuffing. The rim of the pad is rather hard and abrasive, but to put a thin cotton numnah underneath will only exacerbate the thickness issue. I shall mention your horses bumps when my saddler pays a visit.