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Horse Behavior and Training

Problems Mounting

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Hi Guys

We are in the uk and have a very big 16’3 Irish Draft x Thoroughbred x Cob.
He’s been with us for 3 weeks now and when we looked at him in the dealers yard he was just adorable (and still is) and we hacked him out and also at our vets check he mounted ok.

Since he’s been here he’s absolutely fine apart from we can’t get on him.  My daughter broke her arm the first time as he bolted!  He’s perfect and soft and gentle in everything else, he’s great on the long rein and link up etc and will even be lead to the mounting block.  He’s ok with flapping the saddle and a bit of weight on him and the occasional foot in the stirrup but the actual mount and he’s off!  The saddle is properly fitted and he has no pain in his back nor anywhere else, he’s been checked twice by the vet and by the saddle fitter and farrier.  We train with him twice a day atm and whilst we thought we were getting somewhere once we relocated the block he went straight back to square one, I assume he got comfortable in the original location and not with the block and the mounting attempts.

Any thoughts? 
Debbie Roberts Loucks, USA
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@Martin.price1973  A lot of accidents occur in this dangerous situation. If you use the search bar on the dashboard of this University and look for 'mounting block' you will see a tremendous amount of good information. I like this series, but there are variations on this issue: