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Horse Behavior and Training

PTSD in a pony

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I have a 4 1/2 year old pony.  I bought her almost 2 years ago, and when i bought her, she was owned by someone who had picked her up at the stock yards at an auction.  She trembled in a corner just looking her way.   Now, i can lead her, halter and bridle her, tack her and walk her.  But, she still has panic at some things, always humans.  She is petrified of toddlers and new people.  Does anyone have experience helping to eliminate this fear for her?  Her name is Sassy.  She allows the farrier to do all 4 feet now, because she works with me to help calm her.  But, i want to help her not be so reactive. 

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Hi Krista & welcome to the Uni. Humphrey, a remarkable Irish cob, has PTSI - illness ( note illness cure able, disorder a lifelong condition ). If my experiences with Humphrey are anything to go by you need to work in very short sessions over a very long period & be very generous with your praise for any small cooperation - it's doable but you need infinite patience. Clearly you have already made significant inroads. Humphrey has huge issues with tack on his back or around his middle. He's happy to be ridden bare back but when Jordan & I started with him he got really upset by a towel over his back so no chance of a saddle. Working incrementally, over some 18 weeks every evening, eventually Humphrey walked with a vacant saddle without panicking or half collapsing. With the onset of winter weather we haven't been able to progress further yet but the improvement in Humphrey is significant & proves that dealing violence free with traumatised equines is not only possible but rewarding. Good luck & keep us posted on your experiences - we are here to support you & your journey. Cheers, Jo.