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Horse Behavior and Training

Pushing me with shoulder when leading

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My nearly two year has decided to start pushing me with her shoulder when i lead her, she is leading out very strong, i have achieved join up, she eats the dually and leads very strong, what can i do to stop this ?

Kicki -- Sweden
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Oh, so I recognize the part about eating halters!
I'm sure others here are better equipped to answer you, but I would suggest a Join-up first so your horse starts to accept you as the leader. Then go back to the first steps of leading in a Dually, and be persistent about going backwards and forwards. After that you need to create the sweet spot. (See Monty's lessons!)
Two year olds can be very pushy, so teaching them to lead without bullying is vital to handling them safely.
Also, two drops of tabasco sauce on the leadrope and other palatable parts of the halter really helps. ;) But use gloves and do NOT touch hers or your eyes!!!

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Yeah it sounds like you need to school with the Dually and as soon as she starts to take a bite of it,or the rope,check her with the Dually,it can be as sensitively used as you require to make your point.Great tool!Watch the lessons on here and insure it is fitted correctly.When I check I also say Oh!Oh!,and soon it is all I need say to prevent one of my horses from either eating my rose buds or snatching a foot away when I am cleaning it out,or stop him untying himself when I am taking a break!
I would stay away from Tabasco as it could HURT even tho' you're careful ...I would rather have a horse who didn't chew ropes and halters by schooling him out of it....Otherwise you will have to take Tabasco every trail ride you go on ...... :(

Amber Temple
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Have you watched the learning to lead videos? Or watched the videos that are about horses that are into pressure?

Monty has the answer :) As always lol


They can't lean in with the shoulder if they are behind you where they should be! School to the Dually so she doesn't come past you!
Good Luck