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Puttin' on his brakes :|


Hi -
I have been watching the lessons on The Six Imperatives and saw that when Monty stops his horse all he has to say 'Woah' and the horse stops. Well, i have a horse that, when trotting and i ask him to go to a walk, just stops right there. No transitions - just puts on his brakes as soon as i say 'woah' or 'walk'. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
Thank you :)
Gauteng, South Africa

Kleinne - Utah, U.S.A.
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Your horse obviously has a good whoa response, however you might check your own body language when slowing him down. You might think your telling him to walk but your body language is telling him to stop. Also, if he's learned "whoa" as a stop word, then don't use whoa just to slow him down. You might not want to speak at all but rather again use your body language. The other thing I would tell you is to not allow him to just stop but to urge him on if a walk is what your after. Stopping for him can be a release but he needs to learn he won't get a release by stopping when HE want's to stop. Practice moving from trot to walk so that he clearly understands what you're asking of him.
I hope this helps,

Charlotte - Gauteng, South Africa

Thank you very much Kleinne.
I will do some research on Body language and try it :)