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Horse Behavior and Training

rearing and biting


My mother and i have a 17 month old foal. She is part thoroughbred part quarter horse, and she is a real handful at times. She's very good in the sense, you can wash her, brush her, pick out her feet, put rugs on and off, lead her away from other horses and her mother alone. etc. that is not the issue. but she has a habit of biting, and no matter how much you tell her off.. she will still do it. I wear hoodies alot around the stables and if she gets half the chance she will grab my hood and pull it, choking me ... :S Someone suggested to us to try a water pistol and shoot it at her when she nips, but im doubtful if that will work. any suggestions?

Also she used to have a habit of rearing up when she was little, but we put that down to being a youngster and just playing and testing the waters, she stoped doing it for a while, but now she is over 13hh and a friend was looking after the horses for the weekend whilst me and my mum was away, toots (the foal) reared in the stable at her when our friend asked her to go back so she could get in to get the water buckets... i find this worrying and i'm not sure what to do and she doesn't bother with me and my mum in the stable at all, we can do anything with her in there and she does not bat an eyelid.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you done any ground training with her yet? I think that it is defintely time for her to start learning respect, and the only way you can do that is through working with her. I think that work with the dually halter would really help clear up those boundaries in her mind as to what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

She sounds like a dominant type horse, and I would not be suprised if more problems crop up as you progress. However, dealing with these issues properly will help her to become easier to handle overall, and is invaluable experience.