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My Join-Up® Experience

rectangular pen??


My new horse (profile picture) is arriving next week. We only have a rectanguler pen, or arena as we call it in the uk, to use, we also have fields, but the arena is well fenced and safe as it has a chipped rubber floor. Has anyone else used any other enviroment other than a round pen as a place to practice join up, any comments would be appriciated! thanks, Daisy

Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi Daisy,
Congratulations on your new horse! Any field or arena should do to Join-up, sometimes you have to run a little bit faster.
Safety is critical, as you mentioned footing and fencing, this all seem to be in place. Please look for the lesson on this Uni on a big brown horse, Join-up without a roundpen. it's all there and most of us have done just that. Maybe you could cut the corners with some haybale or anything safe to avoid your horse standing in a corner with his back towards you.
It all sounds exciting, good luck and keep us posted!


Thanks so much! after i posted that i noticed the 'big brown horse' lesson, which i was pleased about and will watch. good idea about the bales in corners, the 'in the corner with its back towards me' was what i was imajining, so would be good to avoid! the next thing to do will be to measure the space, as i think maybe it could be a bit on the small side. will keep posting! he is 3 years old and barely been haltered, has lived out in a colt group, so its a very exciting oppertunity, to start to ride then also to drive
Thanks again!

Loes K

Good luck Daisy!