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Horse Care and Comfort

rehab after box rest

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Hi everyone,   I have recently bought an 11yr old Qtr Horse Gelding and we have been getting on really well, sadly he injured his rear leg (a lesion on his deep digital tendon) and has had to box rest for a few months, we are due to see the vet again in October to assess his recovery.  The good news is that all swelling and heat has gone from the leg and I am able to walk him each day for 10 mins to help with the boredom of box rest.
The reason for posting this on here is to ask for advice on the best way to bring him back to fitness and how long I need to do this before being able to ride him again?   I realise you cant be specific on dates etc and I would always follow the vets advice, but an indication would be great.  
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Hi Kevatthecrest & welcome to the Uni. Now the obvious signs of damage have receded it would be sensible to gradually increase the time spent walking, carefully monitoring for any reoccurring heat or swelling. If possible, once you can walk 20 minutes without any adverse effects, split the walks into 2 of 15 minutes each per day & gradually increase. Any injury that is not aggravated by an hours walking per day will allow you to move to gentle sit on exercise - assuming your horse is biddable & will not turn into a bucking bronco. If you are unsure then saddle & use 2 line ground work in a safe environment as an interim measure. Interval training, where you walk for 2 minutes then trot for 1 minute in the first week, gradually building up fitness would then be appropriate. Avoid activities where lots of sharp turns are involved to allow the injury to continue to heal. I hope this rough roadmap helps. Cheers. Jo.