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Horse Care and Comfort

Relocating horses from one climate to another..


Hi All!
Advice needed here for permanently relocating my two horses from Central Kentucky to the Edmonton, Alberta area. I'm mainly concerned about them acclimatizing to the Weather. It is MUCH colder and drier in Alberta. My Mare is a 5 yr. old KY Mountain Horse/National Show Horse Cross, and my Gelding is a 5 yr. old Tennesee Walker. They currently run free with a herd of about 30 other horses here in Central KY, and they are outside all the time. Our winters here are pretty mild, and they are never blanketed. I believe that keeping them outside makes them happier and keeps them healthier, generally speaking. I am wondering if anyone out there has had any experience moving horses from a warm/mild climate to a very cold climate, and if you have any advice for how to go about this so as to make it as stress-free as possible for all of us. THANK YOU so much for your help...

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In my barn here in cold winter Saskatchewan, someone moved her Oklahoma horse here last month. Yes the coat is thin and the owner keeps it as an inside board horse with no turn out on the cold days. And the horse is blanketed. Our summers are hot, our falls are wonderful and the feet will appreciate the dry ground here - not alot of disease from bugs here. When September happens, just leave the blankets off and your horse will grow the coat he needs for winter. Many people who ride their horses in an indoor ring will clip and then blanket their horses here in the winter so that the horses won't sweat too much so that they can keep them outside all winter.


Thanks for responding...I really appreciate it. I am really looking forward to the drier weather, both for myself and my horses. The oppressive summer heat and humidity here are no fun at all!