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Horse Care and Comfort

Rescued Youngster & Farrier


2-Nov-26 at 00:12AM

Hi, I have just rescued a 2 year old paint horse, she has clearly been badly treated and handled poor thing but she has a wonderful nature.
My main worry is that her feet are in desperate need of a trim and although she is letting me pick her feet up she can't balance her weight properly due to her hooves being so long and pointed and she is worse when picking up her back feet.
Ideally I would like to spend more time with her as I've only had her a day! I'm just worried she'll get freaked out by the farrier and I don't have a dually in her size (it's been ordered) so I can't even work on leading or asking her to stand.
I'm hoping that if she is able to have her feet seen to then it will improve things and I can begin schooling knowing she is more balanced... I'm just at a crossroads and wondered what the best course of action would be..
Also on a separate note it took me over 15 mins for her to come out of the stable and then only did because I had a bucket of feed - I know it's not ideal but my gut feeling is that I should coax her out with the feed and then work on leading with the dually (when it arrives) in the school first and not just attempt to use the dually in the stable... hopefully with some schooling like this and trust building she will realise she has nothing to fear and I can stop using the feed...
I'm not new to horses but my Mom was the main trainer and it's very different when you are on your own.
Any advice would be greatly received.
Pippa x


Do you have any pics you can download? It seems to me you better get this horse's feet seen to asap. If she is that skittish and in that much pain, you should just give her a mild tranquilizer to facilitate getting those feet remedied immediately. Man, that poor thing.... Just get her feet "set up" and then leave her alone in a nice safe warm big box stall with lots of nice feed and vitamins and minerals for a while and just let her hang out and get to know you for a few days or even weeks. Let your farrier know to bring a mild "tranq" with him when you call, and I'm sure he will know to be super gentle and calm with the poor thing. The sooner the better, you're risking this developing into laminitis, if she isn't already there by procrastinating.


Hi pmpleau, thanks for your reply - only just seen it. We had her feet done! I spent hours with her the day before and low and behold she was a diamond for the farrier! So relieved and very impressed.

Also got my dually today and she is walking in and out of the stable like she knew it all along :)

I don't want to rush her, going to take her out for a few little walks to eat grass and just relax - she has been through so much I could cry for her... just hope she forgets the pain and realises she wont ever go through it again

Thanks for your reply, it's comforting to know I did the best thing.

Pippa x