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Horse Behavior and Training

rope halter


I would like Monty's view on rope halters...I've been riding with a rope halter for years as with the bit I've noticed my horse just being cranky and not getting used to them when I introduced the rope halter he became very comfortable and obediant to the point I can trail today I was watching Monty's long line with side reins lesson and ran outside put surcingle BIT and side riens and how it made soooo much sense to me that my horse has a balance problem BUT uncomfortable with the bit...can I use this lesson with rope halter ???

vicci - UK (North Wales)
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First I need to say the picture of me with Monty is from when I visited Flag is Up I dont work with him (though I wish i did!)

I find longlining and riding in the Dually halter the ideal solution for a horse not happy/ready with/for a bit. I do use rope halters but I tend to use them for the well trained/known horses just to bring them in and out of the fields/move them around as they are quick and easy to take on and off and weigh very little. However, thats a personal preference and there is no problem that I can see in riding with one as long as hands are soft (as in all riding). A couple of things I will say though is (1) check the quality and fit of the rope halter, i.e. that the rope is of a soft construction, doesn't act like a 'cheesewire' on the face (2) that it is fitted correctly rather than just 'slung on' (3) remember it has no 'breakaway'. Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious but others may read this too and perhaps not know.

I notice that some manufacturers are now adding rings to the side knots to enable longlinging/side reins to be attached - I cannot comment on these as I have never used them; I will stick to my Dually for this :-)

Best wishes



Hi can ride in the dually?...where are the reins attached?..I've thought of purchasing one but I'm from Canada and it would cost me over $80 can to buy one..I can't seem to find them anywhere in Canada...I so have a rope halter with rings beside the nose knots that you could attache reins

julie m.
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I rode my mare in the Dually for the first month or two I was on her. You can buy a set of reins with a clip on either end and simply attach the reins to the training rings on the Dually noseband. Works great and is a nice way to groove in the rein commands without duress on the horse's mouth.

I would suggest that you look on eBay for used Dually's if you can't afford a new one right now. You may find one there. Good luck!

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I enjoy riding with my Dually Halter, especially on those days where I do not have the time to fully tack up. Bareback and a dually halter suits well. I am from Canada too...and I use my dually for riding in the winter. Definitely save to buy a Dually from the monty roberts store.