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My Join-Up® Experience

Round Pen Problem


When I took my horse to the round pen, he took off bucking and kicking. Then I was lost I didn't know what to do. Does any one have any advice for me?

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A new place can be frightening for a horse, as well as us! Did you just turn him loose, or were you able to try orientating him to the round pen?

The first time I took my horse to the round pen, i just truned him loose, thinking that i would give him time to adjust. After two days, he still was breaking into a nervous sweat and racing around! I watched Monty's session on round pen orientation, and the next time i took Tikki, the 6 yr old gelding, i tried it. The result was wonderful, and i was able to join-up.

renjaho - Hamburg, Germany
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Maybe you should do your Join-Up in an area that is not new for your horse, e. g. an indoor riding area or a riding corral. When I did my Join-Up with "my" horse, I did it in a riding corral, because we have no roundpen. However I had the same achievement. Until now I'm only working in the riding corral, and it works great. But in a few months we'll get a round pen, I'm really looking forward to it.
Good luck for you!
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