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My Join-Up® Experience

Saddle Problems


Join up was going perfect. Achieved join up quickly. Progressed to bridle, saddle-no major problems. Horse bucked first time as expected but then was fine being saddled and unsaddled. I was ready to ride but decided to long line first. Long linging was going fine but then the horse wanted to come to me. When I tried to continue driving the horse got the line wrapped around him. He freaked out, reared and flipped backwards. Luckily he wasn't hurt. I probably did the wrong thing by immediately taking off the saddle to check to see if he was hurt. Since then he still joins up fine. Will readily let me put on a saddle blanket but will not let me touch him with a saddle-even a small english saddle. I've worked with him for about three weeks since the incident. Any ideas would be welcomed.


Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland
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I think the key is often desensitization. First step: holding the saddle near the horse, go away when he stands still. Second step: touch the horse with the saddle. Third step: elevate the saddle, and so on. Basic rule: when the horse stands still the thing will go away. You probably should be content if you can do the first step the first day. It helps also to walk little circles to interrupt the procedure.


Thanks, thats what I've been working on. Today I took the cinch off the saddle and was slowly able to rub it all over him by approach and retreat with it. Perhaps patience is the key.