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Horse Care and Comfort

Sarcoid Troubles


Well, I have an interesting problem. While my horse and I have been excelling using Monty's methods, I'm not sure how to go about dealing with her sarcoids.

She has them in one ear, and they seem to be very painful. I can touch, fold, play with, etc., the ear that does NOT have the sarcoids with no fuss, but I cannot even go near the ear that does.

This makes it very difficult to bridle her. While we can work around the ear when haltering and grooming, bridling pretty much requires me to grab her ear and tuck it under the piece that goes over the poll. She throws a big fuss and often shys away, holding her head up far from me. Of course I don't blame her, I can't imagine what it feels like, but I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Anyone have any ideas to make it less painful & difficult to bridle? Otherwise, she is fine to bridle, takes the bit fine, goes over the other ear fine. I've tried using a Western bridle, unbuckling it, and sliding it over her neck (avoiding her bad ear), and this works fine. Unfortunately, I ride English!

Any ideas?

Kicki -- Sweden
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You could try what I did with my boy when he still was reluctant to take the bit. (English bridle)
I unbuckled the bit ring on the near side so it dangled in the other side strap.
Then I just placed the neck piece over the ears (like it was a cap) so the bridle was on and my hands free to lift up the bit and cajole him to take it. Then I could buckle it on again to the near side strap.
Ears was absolutely not a problem for me, but this way I never had to touch them and since your horse is fine with the bit maybe it could work.
Sorry about the sarcoids! I hope you find a solution to it all!


I don't know if you are treating her sarcoids, (I imagine you are?) but there are some good products out there that do work well. Many out there still think that there is nothing that can really be done, which is not the case of course. My point being that this ostensibly can be just a temporary situation for you?....I'm sorry I don't have anything offer as help other than that...?
I certainly wish you all the best.


I meant to mention this as well: We all know that a bridle puts a constant pressure on the poll that is absolutely constant, to varying degrees, depending on how firmly people are predisposed to wanting their bits set in against the lip. Now, I am not trying to convince anyone to change to bitless, but, I am convinced (from seeing this myself) that if you were, (just as a temporary measure) use a bitless bridle until the sarcoids clear up, your horse will find considerable amount of relief that will help you both out.
Best of luck.