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Horse Care and Comfort

Sarcoids / Proud Flesh


I thought I share some of my remedies to get rid of sarcoids (proud flesh).
I bought a horse who has a round patch of sarcoids on one of his legs from a previous injury. It was about 3 cm in diameter and full of ugly sarcoids that looked like soft warts.
I've always used French green clay and I know it works but this time I thought I'd try something new.
I apply Paw Paw ointment once a day and it has now been 4 weeks. The little one have started to drop off and the big ones have soften more and turned pink (he's got black skin) and some are just hanging by a thread. Soon, they will all be gone.


Thanks Cass, I am battling Sarcoids at the moment, 70% have gone using Global Herbs Sarc Ex but the core is still there on a couple of them.

I will get some Pawpaw ointment ordered!! x


Ps, How long did you need to apply if for before you noticed a difference? Thanks


Hi Lucy,
within a week and a half, the first one fell off! I was very surprised! It's been now 5 weeks and it has reduced to about 2 cm in diametre and only the big ones are still there.
Since you don't put too much on it, just a thin film - I simply put a dub on my finger and rub it in - a medium jar which costs only $10 AUD, will go for a very long time!! It's cheap and easy :)


Brilliant, thanks very much I will give it a go!!! x


On the subject of sarcoids again! our Standardbred has a sarcoid on his chest area, I'm about to treat this with Black Blood root. Has anyone any else used this, I've understand it is a Native American medicine.

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I am new to having my own horses, my gelding has a very small patch of sarcoids on his leg. Will putting wound iodine on it help or would I have to use something specifically made for these?
Thank you


For those of us in the USA regular plain old Crest Tooth paste completely removes sarcoids! Doesn't make it look gross or weepy, just shrinks it away to nothing. My mare has been sarcoid free for a year now. After applying the tooth paste cover it with Desitin Diaper cream. That will block the sun out which according to my vet the sun encourages growth in sarcoids. For you guys overseas whatever you have for tooth paste (that isn't for whitening teeth) would work too I'm guessing! And for my US people why Crest and not any other brand not sure...I was just told Crest so that is what I used. Happy riding!