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Horse Care and Comfort

Scrape is worrying me

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Hey folks,
My Palamino scraped her side the other day. It is about 2 inches long and right in front of her right rear leg. I started applying just an antibiotic cream to it, that was Tuesday, Wednesday I soaked it in Betadine let that dry and then applied the antibiotic cream. Put my hand on over the scrape to check for fever and felt none.
This morning I coated it in Betadine. Am I taking a correct course of action in the treatment of this injury?


Hey !
I found my horse was uber accident prone! Talk about srapes and knocks :) i found if the wound was deep, that was time to start worring but shallow grazes, though look bad, actully healed v quickly, i wash with hibi scrub then apply anitceptic ( sudo creme) If the wound is hot there also maybe more pain there, and i see how the horse is taking it, eg is he v lame/ is he off his food/ is he acting different then usual? If this then didnt change in a week i would be on the phone to the vet, a) adivse and if its worse b) call them out.
Only you know when its right to cal the vet, but sometimes its better to be safe then sorry :)
Hope this helps!

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Thanks Lou,
Her scrape is getting better and so far no fever.
Thanks for the words of encouragement.



Hi I dont have much experience in this but once I bought a pony who had a cut on her withersand I put sudo cream on it just like Lou.It worked slowly but surely.I know this doesnt help much but maybe when the two of us suggest sudo cream you might check it out . . . . . .

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Thanks to both of you for the advice.
Sugar's scrape has healed up very nicely I am very happy to report.