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Hi, I would like to know, in Mr. Roberts opinion, how is different to approach a stallions with equus language, then other horses. I mean, first of all staying in a safe environment, which are the differences of human body language to use with a stallion? Thanks

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I don't know what Monty's opinion is but I own a stallion and he is a wonderful horse and quite willing. Part of this is due to his breed (Peruvian Paso) but the the other is that he is highly trained and is a show horse. Most stallions are no different than any other horse unless they are around mares that are in season other stallions or for that matter geldings as well. One on One they are OK it is when they think they need to be head of the herd that they can be difficult to handle and that is why Monty recommends geldings for a pleasure horse. They don't bring all sorts of moody attitudes that stallions and mare have. As far as equus it is the language and is not different than dealing with any horse. You need to be clear in what and how you are communicating


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Stallions are "feminine" in so much as they are extreme flight animals,so when it comes to the language of equus they want a leader too.There's lots to read here about it and also I remember reading, on Intelligent Horsemanship UK with Kelly Marks ,that your scent changes when you are wet ,(in the rian for example) and you can be quite unaware of it and elicit a different response from your stallion ...!

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I was reading about that as well. Not only the rain but when it is windy.
I read that it can be dangerous to train a horse under certain circumstances such as the above.
My housekeeper has a few friends that are tearing down their barns and will be wanting to get rid of the lumber.
I have asked for it and will have a proper round pen built with that lumber.
I will screen it in summer, no bugs and plastic wrap it for winter against the elements.
This way my remedial young girl will have no distractions and it will be safer for both of us under any type of elements that is thrown at us.
Here in Canada, New Brunswick, we are already getting snow!!
I was totally unaware of this change caused by weather for horses until I did some research.
Thanks for posting this.


I agree I would like to see more information about stallions and training them. I have a four year old Friesian stallion about 15 to 16 hundred lbs as sweet as can be but thinks my space is his space and I have had to be firm with him and he dont think thats much fun and I love him dearly he is the last of his blood line that is a stallion so i prefer not to geld him and he does let me sit on his back and I havent done a lot of ground training but now that I am enrolled in monty's university I am getting ready to start again and actually didicate time to this project that I have put off for several years.

Hope he will do more with stallions soon

phantommustang1 Walsenburg, Colorado, USA
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Stallions can be very sweet, gentle, and obedient. They can also be a handful. I raised my mustang stallion form the time he was about 3 months old, and it was quite a chore getting him away from his 7 year old mother, who was very wild and protective, but after awhile, she decided I wouldnt hurt him and didnt worry so much. Phantom was wonderful, but when he was a yearling, he decided he was a stallion, and I was one of his mares. I had got in the habit of running with him when I turned him out in the pasture evey morning, but this one time, he bit my butt and took off laughing. I decided running with him was no longer a good idea. He was one of the easiest horses I ever trained, but he was a stallion and never forgot it, or let anyone else forget it. I mostly used him for breeding, as I would adopt the best mares I could get my hands on. He was my dream horse, the one I had wanted all my life, a wild, black, mustang stallion, and he was every bit what I had wanted. Although he was never wild around me, very protective, though. Before he was old enough to ride, I would saddle him up and take him for walks, and one time, a truck with 2 guys and a refrigerator came by, Phantom reared up, pawed the air, and acted like a wild horse, made the guys stop, they just knew I was dead but not what to do about it. I let him play a bit, then told him, ok, I think they are suitably impressed, you can quit now, and he obediently dropped all 4 feet on the ground and stood quietly. He hadnt once jerked the reins. My husband had put up a fence by the road for the mares so they could eat the grass there, and one day I was taking Phantom from his corral to the big one when he noticed I hadnt fastened the big gate, and out he went. I yelled at my son and nephew to get out of the way and not try to stop him, and what he did was, he went out, gathered the mares, and brought them all back and put them in the corral. Not exactly what I had in mind. After that, I ALWAYS made sure I fastened the gate, as he watched everything I did very closely.

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed

My first join-up was at the farm in California . I was at the 2009 Special Training . Monty was working with some of the students and Maya worked with the others in the other round pen. Monty says that his is not as good as an instructor as Maya. Well I was afraid to be a poor student in front of Monty. Guess what, there is no poor student to Monty. Maya gave me a 4 year old stallion named Jack. He was a golden palomino like Trigger. I was really frightened about stallions. Maya looked at me and saw my fear and said "you will do fine" I believed her from the ground up. He joined up with me and Maya. I am a better person because of Jack and Maya and the Flag is Up Farm.