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Horse Care and Comfort

stifle lock help please


have a 12 year old belguim warmblood who was just left in the field for the last 7 years my daughter has been riding him and he has had a bucking problem now solve as we do back stretching excerise with him, now its got colder he has a minor stifle lock problem any excerise/help would be great.

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I suggest having him checked by the Chiropractor for any further stretchings and alignment issues that certainly contribute to his stifle join and its malfunction. Also, I suggest you visit a for proper supplement and dietary guidelines. I have only heard great things about them. Apple Cider Vinegar, organic non pasteurized mixed with supplements are supposed to help with join and tendon problems as well.

Hope this helps and keep us posted.

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Stifle locking is quite common in warmbloods, but is usually found in younger horses. My Holstein had some problems with stifle locking. I had a profeesional Chiropractor come and see her and he did cure it.

Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland
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Probably we are speeking of the subluxation of the patella. Strong muscles will stabilize the patella, rest will worsen the problem. I have seen two horses who developed the problem after only one week of 12 hours per day in the stable, putting them again on the pasture 24 hours a day resolved the problem.