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Horse Behavior and Training

stopping correctly in-hand

Retraining of my cob mare is going well - rather slowly but that's largely to do with horrible British  weather and lack of daylight - but positively, progressively and very calmly, which is good enough for me! She is working really well in-hand with the Dually halter, leading very nicely, no more planting her feet, heads up, and no longer treading on my toes! Sometimes though, when I stop and she doesn't immediately, when i ask her to by correcting her with the halter she swings round in front of me instead of stopping parallel. I'm assuming this is me not getting it quite right. Does anyone have the same problem/can offer advice? Thanks
Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi Julie,

It's me again..
I try to imagine what causes your horse to swing around to confront you when corrected with the Dually halter. Do you look at her over your shoiulder, when you correct her? If so, she might get the impression, you want to confront her.
She should walk with her nose at your shoulder, and when you stop she should do the same, ideally. Now when she surpasses you when you stop, you can either correct her still keeping your original direction, looking in front of you both, or decide to turn around to face her, while correcting her. It's quite a swift move you make, let me try to explain it step by step:
-You walk with the coils of your line in the right hand, leading your horse, nose at shoulder.
-You stop, she doesn't stop...
-While adding you left hand on the line, you pivot on your right foot, so you now face the    horse and are able to step into her space, while correcting with the Dually halter with your left hand, looking behind the horse.
This is also part of the 'Dually Dance', maybe even do this a couple of times without her surpassing you, just as part of your routine. You'll find her relaxing as soon as she understands what is asked of her.
Hope this helps, please let us know how you're doing!