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My Join-Up® Experience



I already did the join up 3 times before, but it wasn't perfect. My horse was following me, but didn't showed all the gestures, and didn't trusted me yet. Until today!
I watched a video of me working on him, and saw more videos on the university, and realized that I was having the same body language all the way, in all the rounds. And watching the videos I saw that Monty is very "square" and "active" when moving the horse away, to the right and then to the left. But when going back to the right, is a lil more passive.
I did this today, and I finally saw all the four gestures! It was beautiful!!
I still didn't saddle my horse, he is a lil scary and have a lot of tickles, but I worked with the plastic bag and a saddle pad today. I'm so happy of how this went well, and how he is getting better and easier to handle!
Thank you Monty!!

Debbie Roberts Loucks, USA
Hello! 2014 Cyberhunt winner 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed 300 lessons completed 350 lessons completed 400 lessons completed 450 lessons completed 500 lessons completed 550 lessons completed 600 lessons completed 650 lessons completed

Woohooo! Great for you neblina and your horse too!