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University Suggestion Box

Suggestion for Uni- More Ridden lessons

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed
Is it possible to have even more lesson material on riding, bits, and equipment added to the Uni?
I would love to see more riding lessons that focus on doing ridden work in a way that brings out best in horse and rider, without pain or force.
-How to read your horse's reaction to your ridden aids, what is a positive response, what is a negative response
-How to tell if a ridden aid is not working for the horse and how to redirect to avoid a bolt or breakdown
-Are there ways to tell if it's the equipment or your use of the equipment that's causing a struggle for the horse?

I am a beginner and have only had 14 riding lessons. My experience was all groundwork and Monty up to this year. I've been through the current ridden work lessons and they were excellent which is why I wanted more :)

To be honest I also want this because of a recent experience. I met a rider who had been competing for decades and they started to give me advice on working with horses, about being loud and showing who is the boss. Which did not work with me as I am a gentle, sensitive rider, and I keep hot horses calm. I love Monty's methods, and one of my favorite Monty quotes is "Noone has the right to say to another being, do this, or I will hurt you." 
At the barn we have an Arabian horse, who was handfed and got to be a biter because of it. Not long ago, this experienced rider bragged to all of us  "He bit me and I smacked him across the face with a lead-rope as hard as I could."
I was horrified. I realized that this rider, like quite a few riders where I live, grew up habituated to violent horsemanship. I can't fix that. But I know what kind of equestrian I want to be and I hope as I improve, I can inspire others to try it. I believe that if people see non-violent horsemanship work and be highly successful, they will start changing their minds. We've seen that work on a high level so there's no reason it wouldn't work at a local level too. With every ride I hope to set a good example even if it is a very small example. :)

That said, absolute beginner here. I very much would appreciate those lessons above. It would definitely help myself and other riders work better with our horses.