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Horse Behavior and Training

TG for the DH


I am not a twiter or facebook person. I never really got use to the e-mail thing, yet when something happens with my horse I want to get it out and the best place to go is Equus Online University. It was probably a minor incident, however because of the lessons with the Dually Halter I was spared an embarrassing or painful moment. I was working with Rocket most of the summer last year until all my attention turned to real estate. Eventually I found property with barns and pasture. On January 7, 2011 we moved the horses out of boarding. My wife and I don’t own a horse trailer so we relied on our “trainer” friends to help us. We love our friends very much, they are sincere and good hearted people, but I do not like their traditional “show 'em who's boss” method for horses. On that day we moved the horses Rocket was the first one out the trailer which ment I was in the lead. I was astonished to find his nose at my shoulder in the sweet spot! He remembered his schooling! I was so very proud of him. As I was leading him between two barns and then into an open space he jumped. In a blink of an eye he was over on the other side of me. I switched hands with the lead rope, talked to him, keeping his and my adrenaline down. We got to the gate safely. I turned to watch the trainers bring up the others. They were twitching and snapping the lead ropes while walking at the shoulder of excited horses. For a while we watched horses do what horses do and then everyone went home. After many weeks I still think about that incident very grateful for Monty Roberts and his online university. He gave me the tools to bring manners to my horse that made me look good.

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Congratulations! Not only did your horse remember his training but you did as well under a stressful situation. Horses certainly change their position so quick.