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My Join-Up® Experience

the elder the better!

I am taking care of several horses in our stables and one of them is an elder ponie lady called jojo.lovely but oh well she is no friend of running circles.she does evrything to pleasure you, tells you to concentrate on the lesson and is hell of fun in running bucking and canter all the way with no rider on. well, the other day we went for a walk in the circle and had some little trott in very slow motion....and it's like, ya know, driving a car as you turn on the motor and put in a gear and it rolls on. that's what jojo does.but at one point she gets upset as I said if you leave her alone, trotting, dreaming along about the big black stallion you saw on tv last night(they are always friesen...)and maybe, well maybe, you even forget to walk. then jojo doesnt slow down or canter, no no...she turns right up behind me, stops at my shoulder and her breath is in my neck like: well let's go and have some food!I am finished cause you are sleeping!!
and this cute little igrl is mking me laugh cause, ya know, she is right...they all have the right to ask for attention. good night and sweet ponie-dreams!
Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi Christel,
Welcome to the Uni and to the forum!
It's great to have you with us, we've known eachother for quite some years now, helping out on tour with Monty in Germany. The Uni and it's forum will connect you with so many others from over the world, all stepping into Monty's footsteps.
Your story about the elder pony touches me, it reminds me of my former mare, wise and old as she was......
Looking forward to seeing you on tour in the weeks to come!
Keep the good work going,