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Horse Behavior and Training

the problem of feeding


I have 7 months old horse and my problem is when I try feed him, I always brings food in bucket but he is very inpatient.. he puts his head in a bucket and spills food everywhere, also he pushes me. It begins to be dangerous..what to do?

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I think you should do the search in the Q&A section of this site. Generally, you should take the bucket away when he does that and return when he steps back. This will take time BUT he will learn that in order for him to be fed, he is to stay clear of the area. It is important to fix this problem now before it is too late and more difficult to correct. My horse has learned that he she comes close to the bucket, the bucket is taken away so she gets excited to see the bucket coming but stays about 3 feet away and let's me give the okay signal to approach. It took her 2 times to understand what was expected of her and that was it. I have noticed that she breaks the rule with others that may feed her supplement so she has associated that rule with me and not the general 'etiquette' for being fed!! :-)

Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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An alphamare would never allow another horse into her personal space, especially not to take her food. So I think your youngster should learn to respect your space, your being the leader. This respect you gain by working from the ground, with the Dually halter. Let the lessons on the halter be your guideline. Beside this, you can bring the food into his stable or paddock, before he enters, so he'll find the food ready. Sometimes it's better to take the horse out of his boxstall, tie him and bring the food in. Then lead the horse back into the stall. Still he has to respect the halter and wait for you to set him free to eat. Let us know how you're doing!